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Enjoy an evening of music with friends, family, and you.

ID10T5 is an energetic, versatile and professional three-piece band from here in Muskegon. Primarily focused on a rock vibe, we have a great mix of genres.

The band features guitar and vocals by Stormy Weathers, Bass and vocals by Footsy Rollins, Drums and vocals by Paul Vandusen. We are extremely focused on our audio and enjoyment of our shows. We have a sound system that will fit any venue (not the Van-Andal…lol)

 We have played at a verity of venues from the Aquastar, Pub 111, The Full Moon, Red Rooster, Mibar, Hot Rod Harley… to name a few local establishments. We have played all the way in Newberry, MI at Pine Stump Tavern in the U.P. We have played in Grand Rapids circuit such as Mc Duffs Bar and Grille in Wayland, MI, Gun Lake Casino, Rogue River Tavern in Rockford, The Score in Grand Rapids….. just to name a few other places. We are a well-traveled band and can fit any venue. We do professional adverts to promote shows and venues are able to share them to help promote shows. Our pricing is very fair and negotiable so we can fit the budget of any venue.

Meet the Band

You masters of the music, in their own mind…

Stormy Weathers

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Crazy nerd by day, wannbe rockstar by night.

Paul Vandusen

Drummer / Vocals

Master of the Graphics and the Panda.

Footsy Rollins

Bass / Vocals

Crazy about chicken and he don’t front for nothin’ YO!

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